Three major events are happening in a week’s time, and one of my favorite indicators is about to make major moves. 

The November Fed meeting is happening today and news is dropping tomorrow… 

The non-farm payroll report drops this Friday, November 4th…

Midterm elections are next Tuesday…

And all of these are going to impact how the market moves now and over the coming months.

Today on the live Profit Takeover show, our K-Street expert, Frank Gregory, joined us to cover market expectations in the wake of the events coming this week. 

Based on the history of a 45% approval rating of the President heading into midterms, Frank anticipates a negative 30-seat-switch for the President’s party in the House of Representatives. 

He’s expecting mid-terms will equalize the representation in the Senate between Republicans and Democrats. 

Political policy changes are linked to energy stocks, and Frank will be watching electric vehicle and lithium names. 

Additionally, with all this news, I expect the VIX and VIX products to make wild moves within the next week.

The VIX (INDEXCBOE:VIX)the CBOE’s Volatility Index, measures the market’s expectation of volatility, and I have a plan to take advantage of volatility with my exclusive members. 

Here’s where I think VIX is headed, and how I am going to play it…

I think we could see VIX move to 30 or above… It is currently at a little over 25, and it was over 30 earlier in the month. 

Not to mention, VVIX options are insanely cheap right now. 

I will be looking for inexpensive calls because I like volatility to go up short-term.

And in the Profit Revolution room, I will be dropping volatility plays all week. 

Join us right here to take advantage of this volatile moment in history to make asymmetrical profit. 

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian


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