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You probably have a good idea of someone who is a disciplined trader.

But if you are still getting comfortable with trading or gaining confidence, there are several skills you can learn to manage your trades and learn more about trading strategies…

But one of the most important aspects of managing your trades is learning to manage yourself as a trader.

Earlier this week, my colleague and friend Licia Leslie joined the live show to share her trading expertise.

She’s an absolute wizard at reading candlestick charts and applies that practical expertise to her trades… from years of experience and disciplined trading practice, she has built the wisdom to manage herself and assist traders who want to improve their mindsets.

Licia shared this sage advice on one of the most profitable trading days this year…

One of the most important skills a trader can learn is patience. 

Let that sit for a moment.

On the morning of the most profitable day we’ve had all year (this Wednesday), Licia was analyzing the candlestick charts and kept emphasizing the value of patience. 

Patience to wait for the market to finally make up its mind. 

Patience to wait for the right moment to put on a trade. 

Patience to hold back and not trade just for the sake of trading. 

Because if you have the patience to wait for the right moment – as we did later that day – you can take advantage of opportunities to make 2x, 3x, or even 10x on your investment.

While volatility can be a wild ride, only the wisest traders know how to hold themselves back for the perfect chance to pounce. 

Over the next week, I want to share another skill I have mastered – taking advantage of volatility arbitrage

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