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The big story this week is in oil, banks, and volatility.

We are in the center of a volatility swell.

Which means bad things can happen for the market overall…

But not every sector behaves the same when volatility rises.

We’ve seen slow waves of oil volatility flowing higher.

Oil is going back up to $100 per barrel soon and then beyond, to $120… likely by May.

USO is not one I’d want to hold onto long term –

But in the short-term, there’s a huge opportunity to trade options here.

Commodities like natural gas, mining, and steel are going up too, following oil’s lead.

I have been watching gold and silver names over the past few weeks, and when my friend Bill “Griff” Griffo joined us for the Profit Revolution Lifetime show on the 17th, he helped set up a butterfly in this Junior Silver Miners ETF: SILJ –

It made 185.7% in a little over a week.

These more complex trades take advantage of hedging, to minimize risk and help you maintain profits.

It is my goal in these sessions to help equip traders to trade like the pros – and I share all my tips from my time on the trading floor –

The great thing about Profit Revolution Lifetime is that I can also invite other experienced traders to share their insights and expertise.

If you would like to JOIN US for more complex trading education in Profit Revolution Lifetime or are curious about what Profit Revolution and Profit Revolution Lifetime have to offer…

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Until next time,

Mark Sebastian
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Volatility Forecast

Green Traffic LightMy VIX light is GREEN and volatility is going higher.

We continue to see huge pressure on the market as the Russia situation unfolds.

Soon, we will see the effects of international sanctions roll into the market.

And my guess is, it won’t be pretty – but it could provide some profitable trading opportunities.

In the event that Russia cuts off natural gas to Europe, that would cause a huge market explosion.

In the meantime, VIX is still in backwardation:

We’ve seen almost two weeks of VIX in backwardation here – since February 16th!

March will be a busy month –

VIX expiration is on Tuesday the 15th

The FOMC meeting on Wednesday the 16th

And quad-witching on Friday the 18th.

And I will be covering all of these big events.

You can trade these opportunities with me – I’ll be using this high-volatility energy trading strategy.


Tuesday 3/1: 10:30-11AM Profit Takeover

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Thursday 3/3: No Main Room Shows

Friday 3/4: 9:30-10 AM Profit Takeover featuring Brian King


  1. BP plc (NYSE: BP)

BP is selling its stake in a Russian oil company…

This short-term loss could be an opportunity to get big oil on the cheap.

BP is down now from its high two weeks ago at $33.59, and I think it could bounce back.

  1. Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL)

Traders are using this week to take some of the mega caps down.

We have seen bear paper here for weeks and AAPL could make a run lower to $150.

  1. Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund (NYSEARCA: XLF)

When international banks have exposure to Russia, it could cause huge problems.

This could push the financial sector lower across the map.


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