Dear Profit Takeover reader,

I watch big money moves every day, in order to pass along SMART options plays to retail traders.

Because insiders get the news before everyone else, they know how to profit before anyone else.

Before the news hits, I can tell something is coming just by witnessing big money traders buy or sell options.

So I may not know exactly what is happening, but I get the important information firsthand about how the stock is likely to move in the near future.

Then, I can use that information to improve upon the directional play that insiders make – if they are right, and I used this strategy to help Profit Revolution members profit by piggybacking this big-money play:

Earlier this week, I shared a big money call play where a trader bought 60,000 calls in Clarus Corp (NASDAQ:CLAR) – before rumors of a potential Dicks Sporting Goods Inc (NYSE:DKS) acquisition.

I saw the initial play on July 19th, when the trader bought 60,000 calls paying $6.67.

And this week, CLAR made a run at the 6-month high.

The trader sold their calls at $12…

So they made just under $32 million on this play.

I’ve already piggybacked this move in the Profit Revolution for profit…

On the same day I noticed the big money move, July 19th, I found a call play for the Profit Revolutionaires to open.

On August 2nd, I found some cheap calls and traders had the opportunity to buy the CLAR August 19, 2022 $22.50 calls for $0.85…

Nine days later, traders sold half of their position at $1.70 for 100% gain…

It popped up to $2.95 the same day, so traders exited the next portion for 247% gain…

Then yesterday, traders sold the remainder for $6.00 to make 606% in 16 days.

That’s a weighted gain of 263% in 16 days.

This is the benefit of taking advantage of volatility with options –

By buying options when volatility is low and selling when volatility spikes, traders can collect major profit.

And today could be the most volatile day we’ve seen this month.

Monthly options expire TODAY at 4 p.m. And at noon, I’m going live to share the biggest trade of the week.

Learn how YOU can get access to this exclusive live show here…

You HAVE to get in before noon.

I love improving on SMART big money plays like these in the Profit Revolution and Inside Money Trader every week.

Hope to see you there.

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian


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