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VIX Is Packing for a Trip Down South

Red Traffic LightOur VIX light turned yellow early yesterday morning as the VIX shot above 20 and the futures curve began to flatten.

But almost as quickly as the light flashed yellow, the VIX proceeded to rip lower, dipping below 20 toward the end of the day.

So the yellow was short-lived – and we might be in line for an easing of implied volatility (IV) here, and a trip down south to 16 again for the VIX.

UVXY is a leveraged ETF that tries to track the movement of the VIX. It’s not great for long-term moves, because it’s destined to drop over time no matter what the VIX does.

But it’s perfect for short-term trades, especially if you’re buying puts – which is a smart move this week, because if the VIX dips down to 16, it would put UVXY – which opened at 12.56 today – at 9.

Biggest Winner of the New Year: INTC

One of the names on this list is on a ROLL – and that’s INTC. It’s been rocking since the end of 2021… when I recommended it as a BONUS TRADE to my Profit Revolution members.

A bonus trade isn’t official, and you have to be in my live trading room to get it. But my rebels who were there had the chance to take home 319% on a $1 call trade after five days.

This has been my best trade of 2022, and it was all from a bonus idea – that’s a HUGE plus that only my Profit Revolution members enjoy:

You can join them, and receive all of my official and bonus trades – just by showing up to my live sessions.

Call to learn more about becoming a member… or click right here!

  1. Intel Corp. (Nasdaq:INTC)

INTC is blowing higher after hiring new CFO, David Zinser from Micron. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this thing make a run at $57 a share. Call are cheap for next week – I might look at the $57 calls for about 30 cents.

  1. Uber Technologies Inc.

UBER is about 32% off of its 52-week high right now – yet it still had a really strong rally yesterday, and I think it could be on its way to $46 from here. I’d look at buying the January 28 $43 calls for $1.60 to play that bump.

  1. Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. (Nasdaq:WBA)

After reporting earnings last week, WBA shares dipped. But it’s finally consolidated, and WBA is on its way back above $55. The February $55 calls are a cheap way to play one of my top stocks of 2022 for a short-term profit.

This Big Money Trade Didn’t Stay in Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

Except for this big-money trade on Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE:LVS):

This is another close and roll where the customer was RIGHT… and that’s exactly the kind of trade I like to piggyback.

They closed the March 18, 2022 $40 calls and used the profits to buy the March 18 $36-$43 call spread, betting on another bullish move higher in the casino and resort company.

As I type, LVS is up almost 6% on the day. It seems this big-money trader is already on track for another win…

I like the idea of a call spread here to lower your risk on this high-flier. But I’ve got a cheaper way than the March $36-$43.

Let’s roll back to February for a quicker return, and buy the $38s instead of the $36s.

Sell the February $43s against it, and that hands you the LVS $38-$43 call spread for only $1.35 as a piggyback trade on this close and roll!

I covered everything here during my 10:30 AM Profit Takeover show.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow to get a live primer of my VIX analysis, Watchlist, and Big Money Flow – same time, same place.

See you then,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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