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We’ve seen major chop in the market and in AAPL for the past few days. Now it looks like we’re reaching critical mass. The question is, how can we know when investors decide on their next move?

Licia Leslie knows. She’s the Head of Trading at Option Pit – and she’s an expert candlestick analyst.

The last time she joined the Profit Takeover show, she pointed out the indicators she was watching to gauge whether AAPL and the market as a whole will continue the overall rally or if they will turn toward the downside. 

The major indicator Licia found in AAPL, QQQ, and the S&P is called the cup and handle candlestick formation – it is a bullish indicator that signals a rally to come. 

But in early February, AAPL jumped a gap from $145.43 at the close on February 1, up to an open of $148.90 the next day, and never fell below $148.17 on the 2nd. 

Since then, AAPL has yet to close that gap and Licia thinks if it does briefly close that gap, we could see the rally continue but if not, the cup and handle formation she’s been tracking could break and we could see a massive crush to the downside. 

Here’s when Licia analyzed the charts in real-time and shared the targets she’s watching for AAPL…

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