Dear Profit Takeover reader,

It’s an absolute bloodbath out there today…

SPY is currently very red on the day now at about 428.07…

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But we traders can make money – no matter what the market is doing…

If you like trading UVXY… I have something in store for you –

Think… 20% moves daily – $3 move on a $15 stock.

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This name has WILD volatility…

AND there are options trading daily too –

You may have heard me mention this stock this morning…

As the one that will replace UVXY

And it’s none other than the new VIX product: UVIX.

“Now, Mark…” you might be saying…

“How is another product going to REPLACE a name that trades 469k options daily?”

Just wait…

It will happen before you realize.

So put UVIX on your options watchlist – right now.

Because you do not want to miss this one.

In the Profit Revolution, I’ll be watching to see what energy names pop and which drop after earnings-

And we’ll be playing the aftermath of earnings over the next couple of weeks….

If you haven’t joined the Profit Revolution yet…

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Until then,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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  1. AMC 16 & 16.5 strikes
  2. SLV 22.5 strike
  3. TSLA 1015 & 1020 strikes
  4. LCID 19 strike
  5. CLF 29 & 29.5 strikes * PostEarn…
  6. VXX 25.5 & 26 strikes
  7. UVXY 14 strike
  8. EWZ 35 & 35.5 strikes
  9. MARA 18.5 strike
  10. T 19.5 strike
  11. VALE 17 strike
  12. SNAP 29.5 strike * PostEarn
  13. CHPT 14.5 strike
  14. UAL 52.5 strike
  15. AAL 20 & 20.5 strikes
  16. TSM 96 strike * 52WkLow


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