Dear Profit Takeover reader,

This upcoming Friday, January 20th, is an incredible opportunity to take profit. 

Between $1.2-1.4 trillion will be coming off the table as traders exit trades going back three years. 

And we are going to get in on the action…

I am watching Big Money Flow traders – traders who have massive amounts of cash to play and insider information to profit – and I will piggyback on their moves that WIN. 

I plan to set up some trades BEFORE this monumental day so we can take PROFIT on Friday – 

It all starts this Tuesday, when the markets open. 

Here are the top stocks I am watching for this week’s strategy…

  1. American Airlines Group Inc (NASDAQ:AAL)

AAL has earnings on the 26th and I am looking to set up the bear trade of the year.

I saw a huge big money put buyer in AAL and if it drops this week, I will look to piggyback on their bearish move. 

  1. Melco Resorts & Entertainment Ltd (NASDAQ:MLCO)

I spotted a trader selling 50,000 calls in MLCO – they are taking their easy profits and heading home.

Since this trader had insider information and was very right with their play, I will be watching to see their next move. Could be put buying or more calls – time, and their Big Money will tell.

  1. Nutanix Inc (NASDAQ:NTNX)

A Big Money trader sold some January calls in NTNX, then bought MORE calls at a higher ratio… 

They were right, and are doubling down so this is a great bullish move to piggyback. 

I will see you on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. (ET) for our next Profit Takeover show to give an update on these names and let you know any other stocks I will be watching. 

I will also let you know how you can join me to trade this Expiration Week – so don’t miss out. 

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian


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