Dear Profit Takeover reader,

Everyone is scared right now.

You might have already started dumping your stocks – or at least considered it…

And you might be worried about the value of your cash dwindling due to extreme inflation –

We all are.

But I have been using a particular strategy to combat inflation and prepare for the signals of recession…

And I want you to be able to use it too.

Tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m. (ET), I will be telling you all about it.

I want to make sure you have the tools to get through the massive inflation we are seeing and the potential indicators for a recession.


And I’ll explain why Stocks are Dead – and how I will be building and maintaining wealth in the meantime.

Don’t miss out on this important event…

Tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Today during the live Profit Takeover show, I jumped right into why I think the markets are going lower today…

And the answer is in the VIX.

VIX products are UP today…

At this time in 2023 – I think Kenny will be watching UVIX instead of UVXY.

UVIX is a better product, more volatile, it just needs more option volume…

Here’s more about UVIX if you are curious.

VIX futures are up – we are seeing a change from contango to backwardation:

But my VIX traffic light is still yellow – which means I am expecting to see wild moves in volatility.

VIX futures trading higher makes other VIX products push higher –

And the market tends to move in the opposite direction of the VIX, so VIX may be up, but plenty of stocks are down…

I think we could see some trouble in the market as the day progresses.

HOWEVER… one of the keys to recognize as a trader is…

Become okay with being wrong…and be flexible to change your plans.

I think the market will sell today, but if I see the market move higher, I will start buying calls –

It’s important to change your opinions if you are proven wrong, rather than doubling down. Great traders are nimble. That allows you to be wrong and still make money.

And I am wrong all the time.

But I would much rather change my mind and win than be stubborn and lose.

If you missed today’s live show –

Watch the replay here when it goes live:

I’ll be trading CCL puts later today in the Profit Revolution

And I don’t like other travel names, tech, and I think even some energy names are heading lower…

So later today, I’ll be looking for some puts in the Profit Revolution.

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


I am hosting an event this Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. ET…

To explain why Stocks are Dead.

Don’t miss out on this important event…



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