I’m back. 

For the past few days, I haven’t been hosting Profit Takeover on Money Morning LIVE

But I wanted to give you a little peak at what I was doing:

Okay, so this wasn’t during working hours.

But on Tuesday night, I did make the one and only Olivia Voz one of my best braciola to date.

I pounded a ribeye steak thin… rolled it with cheese and breadcrumbs… and smothered it in a homemade tomato sauce.

I even served it in my favorite new pasta bowls!

Now, I know you don’t subscribe for the cooking content (although, that may be a great idea for my next show…)

So while I can’t yet show you what I was working on the past few days, I can share something even better.

But first, you have to make me a promise…

You cannot share this information with anyone.

See, I’ve found a loophole in the SEC’s latest ruling…

One that lets retail traders participate in the CBOE’s $1.3 trillion auction – PRIVATE auction.

This is the trade that used to make me and my colleagues rich back when I worked on the floor.

And now, finally, it’s accessible to you.

But I repeat – you must keep this information secret.

I’m revealing more next week, during an exclusive evening event: After-Market Confidential.

You can reserve your seat – and learn more – right here.


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