Yesterday was wild, and even though VIX – the Chicago Board Options Exchange’s CBOE Volatility Index saw a nearly 10% change yesterday, members of Trade the Close, Expiration Trader, and the Profit Revolution had the opportunity to make 75%.

Here’s the VIX, highlighting yesterday’s candle:

Image from Yahoo Finance

If you were watching the market as Jerome Powell spoke, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Here’s the 2-minute chart of SPY yesterday. See how the market fell at the Fed announcement, rallied briefly, then fell off.

Image from

I joined Olivia Voz on Trade the Close yesterday and we shorted the final nosedive LIVE into the close…

Traders bought the $3810-$3800-$3790 put butterfly in SPX and made 75%…

Olivia confirmed after the rally, that the market was forming a pennant and we could see a break higher or a drop – and as soon as it fell, we jumped on the opportunity to go short.

AAPL’s 2-minute chart has risen and fallen about $4 overall this morning…so not huge moves.

Here’s the 2-minute chart since this morning:

Image from

I am not sure what the market will do into the close today, but I will be watching AAPL closely since AAPL and the market move in tandem.

The VIX has only moved about 1 point overall today so that gives me hope that the market may remain stable today… but we will see what the afternoon brings.

Image from

Every weekday I trade the SPX expiration and I’ll be joining traders live at 2:00 p.m. (ET) to help them learn the butterfly trade again today.

JOIN US in the Expiration Trader room to play today’s butterfly if you’ve traded them before.

Or sign up now so you can start learning and paper trading these every single weekday.

I’ll see you then,

Mark Sebastian


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