As we head into the long holiday weekend, most traders are winding down…

But I’m heating up. Because next week marks the official launch of my newest product, Profit Revolution.

On Wednesday, September 8, I’ll finally reveal the trading strategy that I’ve been working on for months –

Well, really, years. 20 years, to be exact, ever since I started trading on the CBOE.

This is a strategy that has made me an incredible amount of cash – 123% on Apple in five days, 116% on AT&T in 18 days, 206% on Ebay in seven days…

Even 14,400% on Elan Corp. in three days – but that’s a story I’ll tell you about tomorrow, provided you’ve registered for the Profit Revolution launch event.

That’s right – every day this weekend, I’m sending registrants important information regarding the September 8 event.

In fact, I’ve already started – today, I released a four-minute video revealing Wall Street’s Unholy Trinity.

Lucky for you, it’s not too late to sign up. If you haven’t yet registered for the launch event of Profit Revolution, you can do so right here!

Now, let’s get down to business. I’ve got three great Ask Me Anything questions to answer today…

Our Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) September $60 calls are the longest-held open positions in our portfolio.

With expiration in just two weeks, I don’t see these names turning around. So, you can do two things. Either take the loss by exiting now, or wait until these calls expire on the 17th.

Now, our Transocean Ltd (NYSE:RIG) January 2022 $6 call has seemingly started to come back to life – so we’re staying put for now. Stay tuned for any action on that one.

Lastly, our biggest winner in the portfolio right now – UVXY. The ETF is a flaming pile of dog doo, and I love shorting it. We got into the January 2022 $20 put for $5.95, and I’m looking to sell it at over $10 a contract.

Remember, UVXY is an ETF that tracks the VIX. And during this week’s live Profit Takeover trading event, I gave you a trade idea on the VIX itself.

A ton of you were eager to take the trade. But I received a few questions from traders who couldn’t find the ticker symbol…

Finding option trades on the VIX can be a bit more difficult than other stocks. The symbol is simply VIX, but sometimes brokerages will list it as $VIX or /VIX to differentiate it as an index, not a stock.

Now, if you’re on a “free” trading platform like Robinhood, VIX options may not be listed.

Why? Well, because there is no payment for order flow (PFOF) if your order is on the VIX.

That’s just one of the reasons I love trading the VIX…

And hate these falsely-advertised “free” trading apps.

PFOF stands for payment for order flow – and it’s exactly why I hate and refuse to use the “free” trading apps.

I gave you a rundown on PFOF on Tuesday (plus, three stocks to buy if the practice is banned). But just know this…

If you’re using a free trading app, your trades aren’t free. Your information is being sold to market makers.

The practice was thought up by the one and only Bernie Madoff. That should be enough to send you running.

Look, you should be pissed. I sure am.

And that’s exactly why the goal of the Profit Revolution is giving financial power back to the hands of traders like you.

We’re fighting Wall Street with asymmetric trading tactics. And you can sign up for the official launch (the launch event is FREE to attend) right here.

I hope you have a great weekend. But make sure to keep checking your inbox – because I’m going to send Profit Revolution registrants important trading info every single day.

Until tomorrow,

Mark Sebastian


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