Dear Profit Takeover reader,

I need to tell you about the strategy I’ve been using which has allowed me to win with calls and puts consistently.

I like to call it, “outrunning the clock.”

As a trader, I have to look for catalysts that will make option prices explode well before the market makers think it will – and before expiration.

My system works because I FIND those catalysts.

Here’s a recent example…

On June 13th, I recommended this trade during the Profit Revolution live show:

The Profit Revolutionaries were able to open these puts in T for $0.40.

The next day, they were able to sell half of their positions on June 14 at $0.80 – 100% in one day…

Then, 3 days after that on June 17, they sold rest at $1.07 – 168% in four days…

Which means a weighted gain of 134% in only four days.

This is a classic example of beating the time decay built into the option price.

I understand that the price of an option decays – and the closer we approach expiration, the more rapidly it will decay…

So I look for cheap options that I think will make moves SOON –

Before the option starts to quickly decay.

I run my cheap-options scanner everyday in the Profit Revolution and focus on the options that I think could make the most wild moves in a short time.

If you’re curious about cheap options trades…

Join the Profit Revolution today, so I can show YOU how to…

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Until next time,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover

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