Dear Profit Takeover reader,

Hello from Chicago…

Yesterday was an incredibly rewarding trading day –

Not only did the Profit Revolutionaries find a successful SPX play…

But, we also made a massive win – 190% weighted profit – in RIG.

The reason RIG won so big was because we used a strategy I’ve mastered called –

Harnessing implied volatility.

Here’s how it worked:

Last Tuesday, May 12, I made a recommendation in RIG for the $3.50 calls – and the best part was, they only cost 14 cents.

The next day, traders were able to make two exits: the first half at 33 cents – up 136% in a day…

Then another fourth of the position at 40 cents – up 186% in one day.

Yesterday, May 16 I sent the final exit at 56 cents – up 300% in four days.

Altogether, RIG’s weighted gain was 190% IN 4 DAYS risking only 14 cents…

The reason RIG was a massive opportunity for asymmetric profit was –

I recommended the trade when the implied volatility was cheap – and had the most potential for profit…

Implied volatility is adjusted algorithmically based on how much the market is willing to pay for an option…

So just like a stock – you want to buy options when IV low, and sell when IV is high…

Market makers price these options based on a 70% chance of expiring worthless

So I use my understanding of implied volatility to beat the market makers and win BIG.

My cheap-options scanner reveals cheap options with low IV –

So that during the live Profit Revolution shows, I can choose which options that I think could make the most wild moves risking a relatively cheap amount.

Even though I am in Chicago this week, I am still active in the chat in the Profit Revolution trading room…

And I’m still making PROFITS, just like we did on RIG yesterday.

And we will be back to our regular schedule next week.

If you’re curious about cheap options trades…

Join the Profit Revolution today, so I can show YOU how to…

Trade like the pros with a retail account –

Or click here to find out more.

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover

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