I just went live to tell you all about last week’s 100%-plus winner. You can find the replay here, on the Profit Takeover media page, shortly.

That Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL) put recommendation went out via text message only. If you didn’t receive it, that’s likely because you weren’t signed up to receive Profit Takeover text alerts.

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The opportunity to cash in on AAPL may have passed – but not to worry. I’m releasing another text-only trade before today’s closing bell.

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But get this – that’s not the only free trade recommendation I’m dropping.

That’s right. Today’s a double whammy.

During our live stream at noon, I told you about another profit opportunity on an old Profit Takeover favorite, the ProShares Ultra VIX Short Term Futures ETF (BATS:UVXY).

We’ve already taken two profits on UVXY this summer alone. And now, we’re ready for a third.

Here are the details of today’s free trade recommendation:

Buy-to-Open the UVXY August 6, 2021 $30 put for $2.80 – and no more than $3.50.

Ideally, we’ll get into this trade for $2.80. But I’m willing to go all the way up to $3.50 to add this volatility play to the portfolio.

This trade should be entered as a day-only order. If it doesn’t fill by market close, then the order should be canceled.

You can track this trade right here on the Profit Takeover portfolio once it fills.

But first, be sure to click here and sign up for text alerts. That way, you’ll be adding more than just UVXY to your portfolio today…

Mark Sebastian


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