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On Thursday, I recommended a post-earnings play on Wells Fargo & Co. (NYSE:WFC) after the stock’s implied volatility got crushed post-earnings:


Because IV was low, that meant its options were cheap. And the stock was way overbought after earnings, so I thought it was going lower.

So, during the Profit Revolution live trading session, I looked for a put – and I found one for just 95 cents.

Well, by the next morning, that 95-cent put was trading for $1.74. That’s an 80%-plus win in less than a day…

With even more room to run.

You can watch me find this winning WFC trade in the video below – it’s an exclusive clip directly from the Profit Revolution live room…

I’m looking for pre- and post-earnings plays just like this one all earnings season long.

And we’ve got over 700 companies reporting in January – meaning the profit opportunities don’t stop.

You can check out my earnings trading strategy (you know, the one I used to find this WFC winner) right here.

And maybe you’ll even join me for my NEXT Profit Revolution trading session, Monday at 2PM.

I hope to see you there,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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