This week in Profit Takeover, we covered Monday’s yellow VIX light

The reason I don’t trust cannabis stocks

A $1 option play on Draftkings…

And an Apple trade with potential to profit by Monday.

Now, that’s a lot – but behind-the-scenes, there was even more going on.

I also hosted FIVE live trading sessions (one each day, Monday through Friday) for Profit Revolution members…

Watched as expert trading coach Brian King taught new Profit Revolution subscribers the Foundations of Trading…

And closed my first Profit Revolution winner, a three-day profit on our 99-cent Occidental Petroleum trade!

My team also worked hard to get as many new members into Profit Revolution as they could. And they were successful…

So successful, in fact, that they had to shut down this online order form.

Now, I convinced the head of Telesales, Gabe Oropollo, to keep the phone lines open at least through today.

So, if you’re still interested in signing up, you’ll have to call him and his team to do so.

Here’s the number: 877-212-9163.

And if you do call, make sure you mention your unique Profit Takeover code: U304X937

Now, Gabe’s team has been dealing with phones ringing off the hook all week long. So, in the interest of alleviating some of their work, I wanted to take some time today to answer a few of the burning Profit Revolution questions that have taken over the Ask Me Anything inbox.

Want to know how much money you need to trade? My detailed Profit Revolution exit strategy? The proof that this strategy works?

$15K is absolutely enough to implement the strategies I recommend – especially if you join my brand-new service, Profit Revolution.

Like Profit Takeover, every trade I recommend will be either a straight call or put, which only requires the lowest level of options clearance.

In addition – and this is my favorite part – every call or put recommendation will be for only $1.00 or less.

Now, each option contract is equal to control over 100 shares of stock. So, a $1.00 option will actually cost you $100.

But $100 is less than 1% of a $15K account. And you can never lose more money than you risk on any option trade.

Your profit potential, however, is unlimited. So the more trades you win, the more your account will grow.

That’s the best part of Profit Revolution anyone can take advantage of the trade recommendations.

I never place stop-losses on my own trades. But there’s a reason for that.

See, it’s my job to trade. My job is to sit behind my computer screen all day, watching the market move and my trades move with it.

For people like Thomas, however, they’ve got other things going on. Other jobs – and obviously can’t spend the entire day trading.

But with Profit Revolution, you don’t have to.

I’ll send you every trade I recommend – both during a daily live session and to your email inbox immediately after. And every trade comes with a detailed exit plan.

An exit plan that includes a stop-loss.

A stop-loss is a great way to manage risk. We place a 50% stop-loss on every Profit Revolution trade.

As long as you place that stop-loss recommendation on your trade, you’d be automatically out if it were to drop to a 50% loss.

Whether you’re cooking dinner, at work, or coaching a kid’s baseball practice, your trade is managed

Hey Richard – you know what? I like a little skepticism. If I were you, I’d probably be skeptical too.

“This whole cheap options thing” sounds too good to be true. I get it.

Option trades under $1.00? With the chance to profit 1,000%… in 30 days or less?

If that was true, well… why wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Well, I didn’t just come up with this strategy out of the blue. I started developing it 20 years ago, when I first stepped foot on the floor of the CBOE.

And that whole “dollar-or-less” part? Yeah, that didn’t come into play until recently. And when I discovered it, I hired a professional analyst to check it out.

An analyst who’s spent 10 years field-testing dozens of options trading systems – institutional systems, ones that move millions of dollars a day.

So yeah, don’t take my word for it. Look at the proof of the backtest!

Now, regarding subscription fees…

Typically, I’d direct you to our online order form. But unfortunately, we had to close that offer last night.

I’ve talked to my publisher, though, and he agreed to let you – and any other Profit Takeover member – give our Telesales team a call to walk through our current offer.

This won’t be available after today. So I highly suggest calling 877-212-9163 right now.

But make sure you mention your Profit Takeover code: U304X937

That way, they’ll know I sent you… and you may even get a special discount offer.

Again, call 877-212-9163 and give them your unique code, U304X937, to learn more about joining the Profit Revolution.

It’s the perfect way to start your weekend.

Have a great one,

Mark Sebastian


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