It’s pre-Fed Tuesday, and I don’t trust this market sell-off…

It also happens to be the day before VIX expiration.

Currently, there’s an 84% chance that the Fed will raise rates to between 300-325.

Image from CME group

Since we know the Fed will be raising rates, we are seeing a phenomenon called “pre-FOMC drift,” where we see a sell-off pre-Fed then a drift today, the day before the Fed meeting. 

If the market breaks the low of the day, and VIX breaks the high of the day, I will change my tune, but until then, I think the market will drift higher into tomorrow. 

And there are two big things holding the market up today…

First, Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL). As AAPL goes, so goes the market…

And today, it’s holding strong, currently trading at $157.00.

Image from

As long as AAPL holds, I think the market will ease a bit higher again. 

Next, the VIX.

Volatility is also guiding the S&P 500…

Here you can see the inverse correlation between VIX and the S&P… and when VIX moves, the S&P moves the other direction: 

In expectation of this gentle ease higher, I have some options plays in mind to trade.

Every weekday I trade the SPX expiration and this week is no different. Even though the market has been volatile so far this week, I think we are likely to see a slight drift higher through the end of the day.

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I’ll see you then,

Mark Sebastian


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