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You can’t catch me live today on Profit Takeover. But if you want to see me explain why I’m bearish on volatility with the VIX above 20… tell you how to piggyback the slew of call buying in AT&T… and play the upswing in AAPL

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Play Apple’s Trip Back to $170

Playing AAPL’s fade… taking advantage of the airlines’ strength… and selling the news on PFE.

  1. Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL)

After touching $3 trillion in market cap, AAPL has faded, losing almost 2% over the past five days. Now, it appears to be heading back to $170. And from there, I think it could catch a bounce.

Yesterday, I recommended a dirt-cheap 15-cent trade on this mega-cap to my Profit Revolution members that’s in perfect position to take advantage of this potential move.

See, you don’t have to cash in 170 bucks per share if you want to trade a big-tech name like AAPL. With my asymmetric trading strategy, in fact, you never need to risk more than a dollar.

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  1. US Global Jets ETF (NYSEARCA:JETS)

The airlines have been on my radar since flight cancelations rocked the industry.

But they didn’t seem to rock the stocks.

Airlines gave away gains yesterday, but all in all they’ve been stronger. I think they’re primed for a secondary move higher, and I might play Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE:DAL) or American Airlines Group Inc. (Nasdaq:AAL) to take advantage.

  1. Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)

The news is out on PFE’s COVID pill, and it appears traders are selling it.

The stock touched over $60 and has now moved back to $55. Plus, there’s lots of paper buying puts here. I think this thing could see $50 or lower by the end of the month.

AT&T’s Slew of Call Buyers

There isn’t just one big-money trade to pay attention to today – there’s a whole slew of ’em here, all in the same ticker…

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T).

We’re looking at LOTS of short-dated call buyers here, all betting bullish.

The world’s largest telecom is up 5.7% over the past five trading days. After opening at $26.72 this morning, it looks poised to move above $27.

And hey – it wasn’t that long ago that this thing was above $30!

T May 2021-Jan 2022

But after a six-month downtrend, is it worth betting on T?

I’ve got to say YES.

And I’m going to look at call options in T – or its biggest competitor, Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) – during today’s Profit Revolution show at 2PM ET.

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The VIX Is Popping – But I’m Still Bearish on Vol

Red Traffic LightThe VIX got a pop yesterday from the FOMC minutes, breaking 20 for the first time since before Christmas.

Look at the underlying trend though – that stayed the same.

We’re seeing outperformance in companies that make money – banks, energy, and industrials. On the flipside, we’ve got underperformance from the mega-caps and high multiple stocks.

This is a trend that we could see continue for a few more days. With some sectors down while others are up, there is market movement – but volatility will head lower, keeping my VIX light red today.

I hope to see YOU for tomorrow morning’s show with Brian King and me at 10AM ET, where we’ll discuss NON-FARM PAYROLLS…

How to position your portfolio in the new year…


Until then,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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