Dear Profit Takeover reader,

The market has been roaring since yesterday when Jerome Powell laid out the Federal Reserve’s plans for the next couple of months. 

Interest rates are up by 25 basis points in an attempt to continue the ongoing battle against inflation. 

The market responded positively yesterday and I joined Olivia Voz during the Trade the Close show, and we – and the traders watching – cashed in on yesterday’s end-of-day rally. 

Here’s the wild bombshell we hit yesterday:

And here’s my plan for today…

Even though I am typically only on the schedule to join Trade the Close on Wednesdays, I will join Voz through the end of this week and until next Thursday to take advantage of the market’s moves near the close.

Bombshell trades are an incredible opportunity to make some insane profit and FAST. 

Here’s how the Bombshell trade works…

Additionally, I will drop some bull or bear SPX trades – straight calls or puts – as a little introduction to my SPX butterfly trades for the rest of this week and next. 

All members who sign up for the Profit Revolution today, February 2nd, also get access to Trade the Close for one full year. 

Make sure to get in on the action today.

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian


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