Dear Profit Takeover reader,

I have some great news to share about the whiplash investors are feeling in the market today –

Volatility is still king.

It sounds like bad news – but that’s only true if you’re an investor.

For traders like us, volatility means ONE THING: There are massive opportunities to profit by trading options.

And right here, I’ve got proof:

We just hit 3 days in a row of same-day wins trading options on the S&P 500.

On Monday, our SPX trade made 183%

On Tuesday, it made 250%

And yesterday, it made the most of the week: 281%!

All in less than 90 minutes each day.

And traders in the Profit Revolution are thrilled to be building wealth with these trades and recovering losses from being long the market…

But don’t just read about it – you can see these wins in action for yourself.

This is the moment I realized that yesterday’s SPX trade expired up 638%.

Those wins are in addition to my cheap option wins we opened on Tuesday in AAPL, LCID, and MRO…

On Tuesday, we bought the LCID May 20, 2022 $16 puts for 74 cents and were able to get out of half at $1.21 the same day – up 64%.

Then yesterday, we exited another half of the remaining trade at $2.25 – up by 204%.

This morning I saw our final exit fill at $2.99 – up 304%… that’s a total weighted gain of 159% in 3 days.

We also bought the AAPL May 20, 2022 $140 Put for 80 cents on Tuesday. By Wednesday, we were out of the trade for $1.60 – 100% in one day!

And that same day we bought the MRO June 3, 2022 $26 Call for 95 cents. Yesterday, we sold half at $1.90 – up 100% in one day, and we are riding the rest higher.

So – if you are a beginner trader and want to learn how to put on these highly effective SPX and XSP trades, you can practice with me in a paper account WHILE making bank with cheap calls and puts…

There are currently 4 opportunities each week to trade SPX and I generally share at LEAST one solid call or put option every weekday –

Occasionally, the best trade is no trade, but many times I am able to find multiple options I like to recommend.

If you had put $500 into every one of my recommended trades since Monday, you could have cashed out yesterday afternoon with $7,360,

So while investors are having a rough month, traders are filling their pockets.

I don’t want you to miss out any longer –

Join the Profit Revolution today, so I can show YOU how to…

Trade like the pros with a retail account –

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Until next time,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover

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  1. Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL)

AAPL touched Voz’s $141 target…

It’s now trading at $145.01 –

Image from

I’ll be watching to see if AAPL will be able to hold, or whether it will dive lower –

Either way, expect SPY to mimic AAPL’s next moves.

  1. Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)

TSLA touched $700 and bounced…

It is currently trading at $740.99…

Image from

Options are expensive – but once TSLA makes a move in either direction, I may make a play if I can find one for cheap.

  1. Exxon Mobil Corp (NYSE:XOM)

XOM is off today as the market is trying to round…

It’s trading at $85.22 now –

Image from

It may rally if the market drops into the close or vice versa.


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