I just went live – and showed you exactly how to fade last week’s market freak out.

Missed out? Well, here’s a recap…

We broke down just what was said during last week’s Fed meeting…

And went through how that led to a rally in the U.S. dollar.

Then, I introduced you to the Invesco DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund (NYSEARCA:UUP), an ETF that tracks the dollar’s performance – and the best way to trade the USD.

Finally, I gave you a detailed trade recommendation, shorting the dollar for an asymmetric return…

For less than $0.50.

Here are the details of today’s trade recommendation:

BUY-to-OPEN the UUP August 20, 2021 $25 Put for $0.45.

Once this trade fills, you can track its performance right here on the Profit Takeover portfolio.

As the dollar drops and implied volatility increases, this put should go to a dollar or more. So, prepare for an asymmetric return!

Speaking of the portfolio – during today’s live session, we also walked through all seven of our open positions, and I answered questions directly from viewers.

You can find a replay of today’s event right here on the Profit Takeover media page shortly.

But really, nothing compares to watching these events live. That’s why I’m going live once a week for Profit Takeover members right here. And I’ll always let you know in advance when to mark your calendars.

Once a week not enough? Then you’re in luck.

I’m developing a new product – one where I’ll be live trading every day the market is open. And the trades I’ll be releasing are cheap options, just like the one I told you about today.

Passport Elite members will get instant access to this new product as part of their membership – they won’t have to do a thing. And you can learn how to become one with a single phone call.

Give our VIP Services team a ring at 877-212-9163 to learn more.

Tomorrow, I’m answering even more reader questions. Want to see yours featured? Then send me a message right here.

Until then,

Mark Sebastian


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