I just went live for our weekly Profit Takeover trading session.

In just an hour’s time, we went over where the market stands today…

I gave you my exclusive VIX analysis…

We went through the current portfolio…

And I dropped my #1 trade of the day.

As promised, here are your trade details…

Buy-to-Open the Apple (AAPL) Sept. 10 $150 call for $2.50

You can track this trade once it fills right here in the Profit Takeover portfolio.

If you missed today’s session, then you can catch a replay shortly on the media page.

But this wasn’t your only chance to catch my live trade recommendations today…

Because tonight at 7PM, we’re kicking off The Primetime Trading Summit.

My colleagues and I are going live to drop our best trades in real time – and it’s set to be the biggest and the best trading event of the year.

Register for this event now – and I’ll talk to you at 7!


Mark Sebastian


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