Dear Profit Takeover reader,

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.

There’s an opportunity that I don’t want you to miss…

To celebrate Independence Day – I want to give you access to all Profit Revolution live shows, past replays, the tactical trading course, Coach Brian’s expertise, and the asymmetric trading software – – all for $1776 – instead of the normal $5000 price.

Call Gabe and his team at 877-848-3418 to declare your financial independence.

Last Friday, we put on these SPX and XSP trades in the Profit Revolution

And traders in the Profit Revolution made MASSIVE PROFIT –

That’s not all the profit we made last week –

We rolled a losing LYFT position on June 27th – because I KNEW LYFT was going to go down:

Members bought the LYFT July 15, 2022 $15 Put for $0.55 on June 27th –

Then sold 1/2 at $1.06 on June 28th ➡️ 93% in 1 day…

Sold 1/4 at $1.57 on June 29th ➡️ 185% in 2 days…

And sold the final 1/4 at $2.11 on June 30th ➡️ 284% in 3 days.

Which made a total WEIGHTED GAIN OF 164% IN 3 DAYS

I trade calls and puts every weekday in the Profit Revolution and give SPX and XSP butterfly trades IN ADDITION to those calls and puts – multiple times each week.

This price to join the Profit Revolution won’t last.

I have a plan to protect against inflation and the signs of recession –

I take advantage of volatility…

I know how to get “cheap” prices for options…

And I want to teach traders the skills I’ve learned.

I’ll be hosting a Portfolio Repair Class for Profit Revolution members only –

And for a limited time…

You can join the Profit Revolution and take control of your portfolio…

At a MASSIVE discount.

But the only way to get in at this $1776 price is to call Gabe and his team at: 877-848-3418.

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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