This week, I unveiled my long-awaited Profit Revolution strategy for the first time ever.

I revealed Wall Street’s hidden flaw (HINT: it’s got a little something to do with my favorite indicator, volatility).

And explained exactly how we’re going to use options to exploit that flaw, launching a Profit Revolution against Wall Street.

Tiny, cheap, under $1.00 options, to be exact. Cheap options with the ability to return 1,000% gains in 30 days or less.

And if you’re a Profit Revolution member, then you’re getting those cheap option recommendations up to five times a week.

If you haven’t signed up yet, then click here now to learn more!

Now, during the LIVE launch events I hosted this week, I got a ton of questions from viewers about the Profit Revolution strategy.

So, for today’s Ask Me Anything issue, I wanted to answer some of the questions I saw the most.

Whether you’ve already signed up, or if you’re still on the fence…

One of the biggest perks of Profit Revolution is live trading sessions.

I’ll be live every day, Monday through Friday at 2PM ET, bringing you asymmetric trades on the fly.

See, I’ve been teaching people how to trade for over a decade. And for many people, live trading was the key that made everything click.

But I know that people are busy with kids, with work, with life in general – and not everyone is able to catch every live session…

Like Lloyd, for example:

In short, YES!

I’m releasing trade recommendations during the live trading sessions, sure. But after every daily session, I will send all official recommendations PLUS a replay of the session straight to your email.

And, if you’re signed up for text alerts, I’ll send you a text to let you know when you have a new trade as well, so you won’t miss a second of trading potential.

Interested in learning more? Check it out.

Next up is a question I’ve gotten a ton – not just from viewers of the live Profit Revolution launch, but from readers of Profit Takeover too.

Let’s talk about trading experience…

Kerry isn’t the only one out there with little to no trading experience. But listen up – because your level of experience doesn’t matter.

I wanted to make sure that anyone could use this strategy. So, I did something that we’ve never done before…

I hired a team of expert trading coaches and put together something called the Tactical Trading Course. This course is free with a Profit Revolution membership, and includes sessions on trading basics, the foundations of options, and how to use my Asymmetric Trading system.

After you take each of these classes in the Tactical Trading Course, you’ll be ready to become an options whiz…

And take full advantage of every cheap option trade I recommend.

Learn more about what the Tactical Trading Course has to offer right here.

Lastly, I got a lot of questions about day trading requirements.

See, if you buy and sell multiple trades within one week, your broker may require you to maintain a minimum amount of $25,000 in your account in order to meet day-trader requirements.

And Emoney here wants to know how that will affect his Profit Revolution experience:

The Profit Revolution trading strategy is not day trading.

Every trade I recommend will be $1.00 per contract or less…

With the chance to return 1,000%…

In 30 days or less.

While we will buy and sell some of our trades within the same week, they won’t all move that fast. Some will take up to a month to hit their profit target.

So you do not have to worry about meeting day-trader requirements to partake in the Profit Revolution trading strategy.

Want to learn more about these trades – and how you can sign up?

Click here now – or, give our VIP team a call at 877.212.9163 if you have any more questions you want answered.

Have a great weekend – I hope to see you in my next Profit Revolution live session!

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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