Yesterday, I went live to give all Profit Takeover members EXCLUSIVE first access to my newest product launch, Profit Revolution.

We also talked about Paw Patrol (and why it’s a TRASH children’s show), but here’s the real red meat:

I gave you a trade idea UNDER $1.00 with the potential to return 1,000% in 30 days or less.

And now, as promised, here are the details:

Buy-to-Open the Zynga Inc. (Nasdaq:ZNGA) October 15, 2021 $9.00 Call for no more than $0.55.

You can track this trade once it fills on the Profit Takeover portfolio.

Now, this ZNGA trade isn’t the only one I released. I also dropped trade ideas on Apple, UVXY, and the VIX itself.

If you missed it, you can get all the details by watching the replay video below:


These asymmetrical trades are just a portion of what you’ll get from my new Profit Revolution product.

You won’t just get one trade a week – you’ll get up to five.

And each trade I recommend using this new twist on my top trading strategy will have a $100 or less buy-in…

Plus, the ability to cash out 1,000% in 30 days, max.

The Profit Revolution officially launches on September 8 at 1:00 PM ET. That’s less than one week from today.

But until then, make sure to reserve your spot right here. Once you enter your email to sign up, you’ll be able to explore anything and everything we’ve got to offer.

Now, that won’t be the last time I’m going live this week. Keep reading for more info.

How to Trade a Short Squeeze

Short squeezes have been around since I started trading on the floor 20 years ago.

But over the past year or so, ever since the GameStop fiasco of early 2021, they’ve become extremely common.

GME still gets a pop here and there. But the Reddit crowd has turned stock after stock into a “meme name,” pumping it more than 100% higher in a matter of days as they create these short squeezes.

The stock of the hour right now? Well, that’s Vinco Ventures Inc. (Nasdaq:BBIG).

BBIG August 23-September 1

This stock is up a whopping 231% over the past five trading days, and it has potential to explode even higher.

But listen – I wouldn’t just buy the stock. We’ve seen how quickly these meme names can turn the other way.

Instead, I’m going to show you how I trade a short squeeze.

Here’s the thing with short squeezes – everyone thinks the stock is going to explode.

And as a result, what does explode is the way out-of-the-money (OTM) calls.

This gives you the opportunity to get into some extremely cheap call spreads. Look at the BBIG September 17 $10 calls, for example.

BBIG opened this morning at $9.13. These calls are fairly close to being ITM, and they’re about $2.50, as of this writing.

The September $20 calls, on the other hand, are a full $10 further OTM. Yet, they’re only $1.00 less to own with a $1.50 price tag this morning.

So, I’d buy the $10 calls and sell the $20 against them for a $1.00 trade with a 9-to-1 payout.

With $20 per share a real possibility in BBIG, this call spread could hand you a seriously impressive asymmetric return.

Mark’s Watchlist

  1. Zoom Video Communications Inc. (Nasdaq:ZM)
  1. Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL)
  1. CBRE Group Inc. (NYSE:CBRE)

We’ve got bullish and bearish names on the list today – and a good amount of big money flow.

I’m handing out trade ideas left and right. And you’re about to have a way to play each of these stocks.

  1. Zoom Video Communications Inc. (Nasdaq:ZM)

The is one of the most overvalued names on the market.

Yeah, they did a billion dollars in revenue. But we’ve all got Zoom fatigue. I can’t even remember the last time I had to do a Zoom happy hour.

The fewer meetings on Zoom, the better. I think this company has got an issue with the world reopening, and I think they’ve got competition issues with Google and Microsoft Teams.

The stock is down 23% over the past month – 15% over the past five days. At $290 today, it could fall all the way to $250. And I’m looking at playing this one on the bearish side with the September $280 puts for less than $5.

  1. Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL)

Big money in AAPL keeps getting bigger and bigger. The September 3 $155 calls expire tomorrow, and yesterday they made up 25% of all call volume on AAPL:

Click To Enlarge

We’re seeing an increase in AAPL from all this order flow, and you’ve got to pay attention, because everyone’s betting on a breakout pop.

If AAPL can break $155, it could make a run all the way to $160. I’d play this name two weeks out. IV is lower and options are better there from a value perspective. So, I’d look at the September 17 $155 calls.

These calls finished the day at about $1.70 yesterday. But when AAPL was spiking midday, they were trading for $3.00.

If there’s a lift in AAPL, these calls will explode.

  1. CBRE Group Inc. (NYSE:CBRE)

AAPL isn’t the only stock seeing big money flow. Real estate firm CBRE just saw a big-money roll of its own:

Click To Enlarge

Someone was long the September $85 calls – and they were right.

So, they sold yesterday and rolled their position into the December $90 calls. When a big customer is not only right, but rolls their position further, well, I’m paying attention. I’m on board.

I’d be a buyer of the December $100 calls for $4.50, looking for CBRE to make a move higher.

This is a high conviction trade – one I’m definitely interested in piggybacking.

Happy Hour Trading with Mark & Kenny

Today at 3:30 PM ET, Kenny Glick and I will trade-the-close during a long-awaited happy hour trading session! Check it out on the calendar.

Tune in, and you might even catch another sneak peek at my Profit Revolution trading strategy.

(Want to receive my top three trades right now? Then be sure to enter your phone number here – I’ll send you a text with all the info.)

Until this afternoon…

Mark Sebastian


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